10 golden rules for backountry skiers and snowboarders

1. Never ski alone.
2. Avoid areas of deep snow for 3 days after a large snowfall.
3. Adapt your tour to the weather forecast and to the avalanche danger and let a reliable person know your destination.
4. Never forget an avalanche beacon, a shovel and an avalanche probe. Where snow is very deep use ski brakes and not safety straps. Do not use wrist straps.
5. Do not go backcountry skiing or deep-snow skiing without rescue and first aid practice including the use of avalanche beacons.
6. Use an avalanche airbag, but do not put blind trust in it and therefore underestimate the risk.
7. Keep a safe distance between yourself and your companions, both during the ascent and the descent so that the risk is limited to only one person at a time.
8. Avoid pockets of deep snow on lee slopes.
9. Use the same route for the descent that you used to ascend, so that you know the snow conditions and the terrain.
Backcountry skiers and snowboarders in the Alps:
Follow the recommendations for risk reduction by Werner Munter (4)

"Risk is part of ski alpinism. But I never ski to die.
‘Risk assessment’ is necessary to counterbalance ambition.
Discipline means being able to set a limit to your abilities...”
(Reinhold Messner)